Filmscreening and Discussion: Human Rights in El Salvador

Filmscreening and Discussion: Human Rights in El Salvador – featuring journalist and human rights advocate María Luz Nóchez

Join us for an inspiring evening as we delve into the work of María Luz Nóchez, a courageous journalist from El Salvador. María is part of the esteemed team at El Faro, a renowned news platform known for its investigative journalism and commitment to exposing human rights abuses, impunity, and social inequalities. Through documentaries and thought-provoking discussions, we will shed light on María’s groundbreaking efforts to advocate for a.o. women’s and LGBTIQ+ rights, while navigating the challenging landscape of a country marked by threats against press freedom.

During this event, María will share her firsthand experiences as a human rights defender in El Salvador, discussing the obstacles faced by journalists who seek to uncover the truth. She will provide insights into her non-victimizing approach to storytelling and the need to contextualize human rights violations in order to expose the root causes and widespread impunity. María’s work has been instrumental in driving legal reforms and societal change, making her a beacon of hope and resilience.

Documentary: Fly so Far
We will screen the documentary Fly so Far that tells the story of Teodora Vásquez. When Teodora Vázquez wakes up at the hospital, her nightmare begins: after a miscarriage, she is accused of killing her baby – and charged with aggravated murder. FLY SO FAR follows Vázquez, the spokesperson for The Seventeen, a group of women who share the same fate. They all live in El Salvador, a country that criminalizes all terminated pregnancies, even miscarriages. Vázquez’s case has become a symbol of the cruel harshness with which El Salvador cracks down on affected women. But it is also a film about empowerment, resilience and solidarity.


Date: August 24th
Time: 19:00
Location: Neude Library Utrecht
Admission: Free/Donation-based
Language: English

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DateThursday August 24th 2023
Time19:30 - 22:15
LocationNeude Library
EntranceFree - Donation based