Human Rights Café: Disappearances in Mexico

Why do so many people disappear in Mexico? What does the state do about this? Will there be a change now that Mexico will have a new president?

These are all questions that you can ask human rights defender Diana during this special Human Rights Café. She will talk about her work to track missing people, her experience in the Shelter City program in Utrecht and the future of Mexico. There will be a documentary about Diana and a lot of time to ask her questions.


Diana is a human rights defender from Mexico who focuses on the issue of disappearances. In 2017 she co-founded a collective. This organisation works alongside civil organisations and families to help track their missing loved ones. This can involve searching media dissemination (press, internet television), extensive research, checking hospitals, asylums and shelters while coordinating with the Institute of Forensic Sciences (Incifo) and Forensic Medical Service (Semefo). Searches can require travelling to different provinces in Mexico and the organisation frequently becomes a family’s first point of contact in the event of a disappearance, as police responses are notoriously slow. In addition, the organisation provides workshops, seminars and conferences to help educate the public and has also contributed to the alternative report to the Committee against Forced Disappearances (CED) of the United Nations. During her stay at Peace Brigades International – The Netherlands, Diana hopes to acquire new tools and knowledge applicable to her pursuit of strengthening human rights in Mexico. Furthermore, she wishes to expand her contact networks so she may be exposed to new ideas, projects and perspectives.


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DateMonday November 26th 2018
LocationLouis Hartlooper Complex (Café das Kabinett), Tolsteegbrug 1, Utrecht (→ GoogleMaps)
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