Peace Brigades International

Making Space for Dialogue – Human Rights Defenders exchanging Perspectives

To honour the international day of human rights, we have invited human rights defenders from Honduras (Esdra Yaveth Sosa Sierra, Donald Hernández Palma), Guatemala (Katherine Arleth Pérez López, Ubaldino García), Kenya (Faith Kasina, Collince Maxx Odhiambo), Mexico (Ileana Espinoza Segovia) and Nicaragua (Dámaso Vargas) to engage in a virtual exchange with us and with each other.

The key topics are going to be “gender and human rights” and “economics and human rights“.


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When: Thursday, the 9th of December 2021, 6pm-9pm CETLanguages: Spanish and English with direct simultaneous translationQuestions:

DatumDonderdag 9 december 2021
Tijd6pm-9pm CET