Vacancy Field Volunteer Honduras

Do you want to become a field volunteer with the PBI Honduras team?

The Peace Brigades International Honduras Project is looking for field volunteers to join the team in Honduras!

To begin the training and selection process you must comply with the requirements listed below and here, complete the general application form and request that two references (from the NGO sector, academic field, work experience, or acquaintances in your life) complete the reference form and send the document to before 4 June 2022.

Want to gain a little more insight into the life of a field volunteer? Register here for the PBI Training Day on May 21 in Utrecht. The event will be in Dutch.


• Working proficiency in Spanish
• Previous experience working/volunteering in a human rights NGO, co-op, grassroots or community-based organisation
• Commitment to at least 12 months of field work
• Commitment to work following the principles of nonviolence, non-interference and non-partisanship
• Ability to work in a horizontal structure where decisions are made through consensus.
• Experience working and living in groups, especially in stressful situations
• Computer skills: databases, word processors, and email
• Availability to participate in the training and selection process
• Personal reflection about what motivates you to work with PBI in Honduras

We also value:

• Knowledge of the history and current situation of Honduras
• Knowledge in the area of human rights
• Ability to conduct political analysis
• Experience in advocacy with authorities, campaigns, communications, negotiation, etc.
• Experience in research and information management
• Experience using consensus decision making
• Sensitivity and critical reflection towards privilege, inequality and oppression with a historical perspective
• Commitment to gender equality and respect for diversity and minorities
• Experience of working with PBI, such as with a national group in your country of residence
• Minimum age of 25 years old (See a note on our policies around age discrimination below)

Due to the nature of the work, volunteers should be able to adapt to diverse contexts as dictated by the political and social context of the country and the mandate and principles of PBI in Honduras. Volunteers should also have the ability to communicate and interact positively with other people and a high level of self-reflection that allow for strategies to manage stress.

DatumZaterdag 4 juni 2022