Dialogues with Civil Society #2: Ana María Rodríguez

Together with CEDLA: Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation and Nalacs, we are organizing a new seminar: ‘Dialogues with Civil Society’.  The event takes places on Wednesday 18 April and features Ana María Rodríguez, human rights activist and representative of the Colombian Commission of Jurists (CCJ) and Daniel Gomez Uribe, PhD candidate in the programme group ‘Political Economy and Transnational Governance’ at the University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam

On May 27th the presidential elections will take place in Colombia. What are the possible outcomes and what do they mean for the Peace Process? The human rights activist Ana Maria Rodriguez, representative of the Colombian Commission of Jurists (CCJ), will share her views on this new challenge for the Peace Process and will be answering questions from the public.

Ana Maria Rodriguez is a Colombian lawyer from Universidad de los Andes. She has been involved in different research and monitoring activities related to the implementation of the peace agreement with Colombia’s paramilitary group the AUC. Nowadays, Ana María is closely involved with the implementation of the peace agreement with the FARC and the ongoing peace negotiations with the ELN. She also coordinates advocacy activities aimed at raising awareness about the human rights situation in Colombia.

Daniel Gómez Uribe is a PhD candidate in the programme group Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV).  He studied Political Science at the National University of Colombia and Journalism at the University of Antioquia. His research focuses on civilian and rebel group relationships. He is interested in the nature, type of interactions and local dynamis taking place during civil war. How local life, and local conflicts, shape and are shaped by civil war dynamics.

Language: English

Date: Wednesday April 18, 2018
Time: 4:30 – 6pm

CEDLA Room 2.02 (2nd floor), Roetersstraat 33, Amsterdam

The entrance is free, yet, due to limited space please sign up by sending an email to: colombia@peacebrigades.nl