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Meet Mona, our new Shelter City guest

Meet Mona, the new Shelter City guest!
Mona, an environmental activist from Bolivia is spending the autumn in Utrecht. During her stay, she wants to spread awareness about the Human and Environmental Rights violations in Bolivia.

Look back at: Film screening and discussion event “Human Rights in El Salvador”

On August 24th, Peace Brigades International organized a film screening and discussion event about El Salvador with our Shelter City Guest María Luz Nóchez. After the screening of the documentaries, María Luz, along with Julienne Weegels took part in a discussion with moderators and PBI project officers Noémie and Nick. Nick Anagnostellis opened the evening […]

Meet María, our new Shelter City guest.

Peace Brigades International has the chance to welcome a new shelter city guest this summer! María Luz Nóchez, a journalist from El Salvador, arrived in the Netherlands in mid-June, and she will be staying in Utrecht until the end of August.   María works for El Faro, the first digital newspaper in Latin America, founded in El […]

Shelter City Utrecht & PBI op tentoonstelling ‘UtRecht van de Mens’

Op vrijdag 3 februari 2022 werd de tentoonstelling ‘UtRecht van de Mens‘ geopend in het Stadskantoor in Utrecht. Shelter City Utrecht is een onderdeel van de tentoonstelling die in de ontvangsthal van het Stadskantoor staat, met een videoscherm en foto’s van Shelter City gasten. De thematentoonstelling is vanaf nu gratis te bekijken, tot januari 2024. […]

A look back at: film screening ‘Punished for Protesting: how family members seek justice’

On November 24th, PBI organized a film screening and discussion about Venezuela with our Shelter City guest Neyls. Neyls also took part in a discussion after the two documentaries were shown, with moderator and PBI volunteer Sarah and translator Hania. Sarah Lamberigts opened the evening with an introduction of PBI and the work that we […]

Artikel Sarah en de mensenrechtenverdedigers

Journalist in opleiding Miranda Niccolai heeft een artikel over Sarah, haar positie bij PBI, het Shelter City project en Neyls geschreven. Lees hieronder het uitgebreide artikel, en lees ook de verkorte versie die online gepubliceerd is op de interne website van de School voor Journalistiek. SARAH en de MENSENRECHTENVERDEDIGERS SARAH LAMBERIGTS organiseert samen met Shelter City […]

Shelter City guest Neyls at online Q&A with UvA students

On Friday, December 9, during Human Rights Week, Neyls has shared his story with students from the University of Amsterdam. Through Zoom, they discussed Neyls’ work in Venezuela, his stay in Utrecht, and what exactly Shelter City means for him as a human rights defender. Before the Q&A session began, the students watched a documentary […]