Exploring Human Rights: Utrecht University Students Meet Lola from Shelter City

On Tuesday 7th of May, we held an event with the anthropology students from Utrecht University and their professors Wil Pansters and Danse de Bondt, focusing on the experiences of our Shelter City guest Lola.

The event was kicked off by Loïc Chartier who presented Peace Brigades International and his position as the Shelter City intern. He shared his experience with the program, its aims, and his work.

Then Lola shared a video about the situation in her country made specially for this event by her team. This brief documentary allowed the students to be up to date with the political and social plaguing the country. In addition, the video covered Lola’s organisation and its goals. 

Following this video, Lola then had the opportunity to talk directly to the audience and introduce herself, her organisation, and their fight. Since Lola is Spanish-speaking, the translation was covered by Mar Oller Sigró. After her presentation, the students had the opportunity to interact with Lola in a Q&A session. 

To conclude, the conversation moved to a less formal setting with everyone sharing a drink. The students were invited to share their thoughts with Lola and the PBI team and to write a message to Lola and her team. In their messages, the students praised Lola’s courage and encouraged her to continue her fight.

Watch the short video that was made by the sprint interns from NJR (Nationale Jeugd Raad) for an impression of the day.