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Honduras: Court finds ex-dam executive guilty for the murder of Berta Caceres

Yesterday July 5th, David Castillo was found guilty of being a co-collaborator in ordering the murder of Berta Caceres in 2016. Berta was an indigenous Lenca leader who defended human rights and the environment in Honduras.

Berta was fatally shot in 2016 in her hometown in La Esperanza, Intibuca, Honduras. She was murdered because of her leading role in the opposition of a hydroelectric project, which would have lead to the construction of a dam on the Gualcalque River located in the ancestral lands of the Lenca people.

Berta used to say: “They have believed that impunity is eternal, they are wrong, the people know how to do justice.”

The Copinh Honduras, the Lenca people, and relatives assured that this is a popular victory for all the peoples of the world and Particularly In Honduras because it set an important precedent for other rights defenders seeking justice. 

Photo credit: PBI Honduras