David Gómez Gamboa

Webinar on Academic freedom by David Gómez

Academic freedom explained:

Webinar (video’s) about the situation in Latin America by professor David Gómez Gamboa

Our current Shelter City guest, Professor David Gómez Gamboa is a university professor and human rights activist in the context of academic freedom and university autonomy. With his NGO, Aula Abierta, he denounces human rights violations in the university context that are happening in Latin America. 

This is, however, not an easy task. Academic freedom is a human right that unfortunately does not receive a lot of attention. Moreover, as many things have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to search for new (online) ways to raise awareness on this human right since many lectures and presentations given by David had to be canceled. In order to still be able to offer some kind of lecture/webinar, we made four short videos where David presents various themes within academic freedom in Latin America. 

Watch them here!

Video 1: Academic freedom as a human right

Video 2: International advocacy work on academic freedom

Video 3: Patterns of violations on academic freedom in Latin America

Video 4: Debate on minimum standards of academic freedom

Find more information about Aula Abierta (Open Class NGO) here: